When was the last time that you watched a movie with your mum?

Don’t remember?

It’s alright, don’t feel guilty! Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do it again and it’s just around the corner. Mother’s Day is easily our favourite highlight for the month of May. It is the time where we get to celebrate the loving bond we have with our ever-amazing mums. We all know that being a mother is the toughest yet most rewarding job a woman could ever have. Do you agree?

So come on, let’s sit down and watch a movie with mum.

We have listed below the Top 5 Mother’s Day movies that you must see. Get ready to laugh, cry, and have a memorable movie night with your mum!

Don’t worry, no spoilers ahead!


Bad Moms

Though this movie is more suitable for older audiences, we can’t deny that this is one of the most relatable and funniest Mother’s Day movies of all time. Labeled as “Mean Girls with Kids”, most mums will be able to relate with the struggles that they are facing and make a good laugh about it! The story is about three overworked and tired moms who have decided to ditch motherhood in exchange for some fun.


Mean Girls

“I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum.” 

The famous quote from Mean Girls’ Regina George’s mum.

This movie never gets old - like ever. It follows the story line of a new girl trying to fit into her American hughschool. This movie doesn’t just have laughs, bull plenty of life lessons. The perfect combination for that mother-daughter movie night.

Oh, did we mention it’s hilarious? Yep, check it out.


Bridget Jone’s Diary

Another classic and one you totally have to share with your mum. Its a classic 2000s movie so mum will LOVE it. This one will have you in stitches, we promise. Not really a mother-daughter relationship to this storyline - it is just hilarious. Say no more, right?


Ginny and Georgia

Ok, bear with us.

This one isn’t a movie - it is a TV series, but I PROMISE it is worth it. The whole series is HILARIOUS and goes through all the ups and downs of motherhood. It is new to Netflix too, so everyone is talking about it.

Don’t be alarmed though, it leaves you on an absolute cliff hanger. 

Bring on season two!



This movie is adapted from a 2015 novel by Jennifer Mathieu. A former riot girl turned into a mother who pushes and inspires her daughter to become an activist towards feminism, and later started a revolution against sexism in her high school. Being an eye-opening movie, you will definitely enjoy this with your mum and feel empowered after!


There you have it! Now that you already have a list of what you should watch on this movie night, Let’s plan how to D.I.Y a home cinema to complete the vibe. You may opt to set it up in a bedroom, living room, or in your backyard. If you don’t have a projector screen, you may use your tv. Take out your beautiful and comfy throw rugs, duvets, pillows, add fairy lights and voila! Enjoy your instant home cinema with a cozy and magical vibe!

Here are some samples:

                                    Photos from Google and Pinterest


Bonus tip: You could grab her a delicious box of chocolates and place some special bouquets of flowers around the room, which sets a beautiful scene, and she also then has some beautiful flowers and chocolates to keep for her special day.. You can let your creativity flow with how you decorate, we love the idea of hanging lights around the room, giving that extra boho vibe. 

Let us know if you watch any of the movies above and how you styled your D.I.Y home cinema. We’d love to see your photos! Tag us on our social media platforms or let us know in the comments.


Happy Mother’s Day to your amazing mum!

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Much love,

Alicia x

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