How to Choose a Gemstone

 Gemstones or crystals can be used for different things. Almost everyone turns them into jewelry or a form of home decor & crystal collections. Others use them specifically for healing, good luck, or for cleansing. My favourite way of using crystals, as you may already know, is by  incorporating them in most of my leather creations, by adding them to accessories like bags or wallets not only because of how beautiful they look, but how they make me feel while working with crystals everyday. If you’re a crystal lover you will probably understand the captivating feeling of a new crystal. 

For most people, however, it’s a challenge to pick the right one. Do you pick a gemstone just because it is pretty? Or do you do some research first to understand its properties? I have a few simple tips to help you choose the right gemstone.


Use Your Intuition

Personally, I go with my intuition first. There will always be a stone that will stand out from the bunch. There may be one or two that really catches your eye, but go with your first choice. Don’t hesitate or even think about it.

Seasoned gemstone users would always say that you don’t pick the gemstone, the gemstone picks you. So, if you just follow what your body is telling you, and what your energy is drawn to, you will definitely pick the right one.

Let Your Intentions Guide You

Aside from using your intuition, the simplest way to choose a gemstone is by determining what your intention is. Ask yourself what area in your life you need to improve. When you have the answer to that, you can finally check out crystals that resonate with your intention.

For example, if you want to have calmer emotions and clearer thoughts, then you may want to consider getting an amethyst. Just to get you started, here are some common gemstones and their properties:

  • Chrysocolla – promotes communication. It discharges negative energy and allows truth and wisdom to be heard.
  • Amethyst – I already mentioned amethyst earlier, but did you know that it's also a gemstone that balances the crown chakra? It helps when you always have nightmares.
  • Rose Quartz – the colour of this gemstone is so beautiful. It is the stone for universal love. It promotes harmony in relationships and unconditional love.
  • Turquoise – this gem is believed to attract money, success, and love.
  • Labradorite – it is believed that this gem will seal your aura, preventing positive energy from leaking.
  • Larimar – promotes healing emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.
  • Fluorite – can improve your ability to concentrate.

You may need a bit more research, so don't limit yourself to the gems or crystals I have listed here. You can also check what's available in your area, and that can be a starting point for you.

Think About the Overall Design

If you're purchasing a gemstone because you want to add it as an accent to a leather wallet or bag, or if you want to make it as jewelry, you really have to think about the overall design. 

You have to consider factors like what looks good on what colour your choosing for your leather and even what looks good on your skin tone. There's also the kind of outfits that you commonly wear. If you're a boho babe, then you'll have no problems planning your gem or crystal accessories around your fabulous outfits.

The main thing is to not overthink choosing a crystal. You can’t go wrong so try to enjoy the process. I want to assure you that there isn’t a right or wrong way to choose a crystal, but you should be looking for that connection. However you want to choose your gem, you always have to make sure that your heart is with it.

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