How To Create A Insta-worthy Healthy & Nutritional Picnic Platter

When the flowers bloom and the sun start shining beautifully, you know it’s time to pack some food, roll out your favorite throw rug, and go on a picnic! We have days where the weather is just absolutely nice, we feel like it’s such a boomer if we don’t go out and enjoy a lovely spread, whether in a garden or by the beach. Having some wholesome food paired with wine is simply one of the best stress-reliever, not to mention all the insta-worthy photos you’re about to have. Do you feel the same? Oh, I know you do!

Before we get too excited here, picnics with aesthetically pleasing vibes require more planning, than just having a simple outdoor meal. What you put, or what you make comes down to what “vibe” are you going for. But don’t worry, you only have to consider these elements: location, list of delicious & wholesome food you want to bring, the wine, a beautiful picnic rug, and some added accessories like throw pillows.

To help you have the most delicious and IG-worthy picnic of your life, listed below are some AMAZING tips on food pairings that you may add to your platter. Trust me, once you try them, you’ll never go back to the good-old-usual-picnic! Let’s make your picnic beautifully curated and more memorable, shall we?

We shall!

1. Go cheesy!

They say that the most important part of a platter is the cheese-well we can’t argue with that! Having different varieties of cheese elevates your platter in a whole new level. Some of the most common cheeses that are included in a platter is Gouda, Cheddar, Fontina and Brie. My favorite is marinated goats cheese that comes in olive oil. Seriously, it tastes divine! These are also the best when paired with wine. Not to mention, a good source of Zinc, Vitamin A and B12 as well! Slice them into bite-sized pieces and you’re good to go. However, always remember to eat cheeses in moderation as these can also be high in fat.

Not just that!

Be careful as well when adding them to your platter during a scorching hot weather. Australian summers are incredibly humid that may result to wilting and spoiling your cheese platter. If you can’t have cheese, or you’re looking for a healthier option, I recommend grabbing more varieties of healthy dips (even better if you can make your own, they are super easy!) my top 3 healthiest suggestions for dips are avocado, salsa & hummus. Then, pair it with sliced veggie sticks like carrots, cucumber, and celery. Thank me later!

 Honestly, just thinking about this makes me want to go on a picnic right now!


2. Fresh and dried fruits are essential here.

You may add your favorite red and green grapes, berries, pineapple chunks, kiwis, to make it look colorful and appetizing to the eye. These fruits also complement wines really well. Same thing with dried apricots, mangoes, and raisins. To make this more fun, you can even have different themes with these fruits. Either go summer vibes with watermelons, grapefruits, mangoes, pineapple & dragon fruit or spring vibes with berries, kiwis, sliced bananas, and oranges. Make sure you consume fruits in moderation though, as they can be high in sugars, so we don’t want to overdo it!


3. Good meat selection for a meaty conversation.

As you now, meat is an amazing source of protein. So why not add it into your platter? However, keep in mind to never settle with poor quality meat produce as this may only spoil the whole vibe of your picnic and can also mess with your palate. If you can, choose the leanest cut of meat possible such as turkey, chicken breast, lean ham, or roast beef. Slice these to thin strips, roll it, secure it with a toothpick, and voila! Please try & stay clear from processed meats if you want to be healthy.

Additional tip: Including “plain” crackers enhances the flavor of these cold cuts and cheese.


Photo By @the.poor.girls.pantry


4. Add your favorite nuts and breads!

The top choices for nuts are almonds, cashews, and peanuts! They are the healthiest nuts to eat. It’s actually a personal favorite to add because it adds up some kind of crunchy texture to the platter. As for the bread, adding slices of baguettes is a must try! Breads are good sources of carbs, but if you are in a diet, it’s best not to add much. Do you have a personal bread preference that you often add to your platter other than this? Let me know in the comments, I would love to explore!


5. Rock and Roll with Rice Paper Rolls

If you have extra time, you can also add rice paper rolls and a healthy dipping sauce for a filling snack!

Photo from Pinterest

There you have it! Make sure to include these healthy foods into your platter and you are set to have the most delicious, colorful, and memorable picnic without sacrificing your health and diet! Keep in mind that you need to watch your portion sizes, use the fattier foods & higher sugar foods in lower portions and load up on the more nutritional options. Don’t be afraid to also go all out and spend some time in styling your picnic area. You may add visual props like flowers, beautiful throw pillows, and throw rugs to make it more IG and swoon-worthy! You may find an exclusive selection of throw rugs here.



How to style an IG-Worthy platter:

  • Get a gorgeous throw rug, spread it in the open space. You can get yours here!
  • Set up your throw pillows and other accessories like flowers.
  • Get your mini table, or the board where you will arrange your platter.
  • Then place your bowls for dips and deli items like olives, stuffed mini peppers, etc. move them around until you feel contented with the positioning. You may start filling in the bowls afterwards.
  • Next, arrange the grapes or berries.
  • Add your crackers and bread in around the board, then fill in the gaps with nuts, dried fruit, and meats.
  • Enjoy and have the most gorgeous picnic of your life yet! Let me know about your experience, I would love to listen to your stories!



If you ever end up following this little healthy platter “cheat sheet”, please don’t forget to tag us on your photos! We’d love to see how you style your picnics too!


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