Tasmania, also known as “Tassie” is one of the most diverse and spectacular destination in Australia. Rich in natural beauty, food industry, history and cultural experiences, this island state seriously have a lot to offer. Hun, if you’re looking for the perfect place to where you could have an adventure of a lifetime, this is your sign!


Tasmania is the one.

A couple weeks ago, I was able to have a little chit-chat with a Tasmanian local, Maddie Walsh (@maddiee.walsh). She is from a small country town called Westbury in Tasmania, a half an hour drive from the city of Launceston, located in the North area. She has lived there her whole life with a yard that is filled with Alpacas, ponies, trees and plants. Did you just read Alpacas? Yes! I know right, how cool is that?!

Maddie, together with her partner, has been exploring the hidden gems of Tasmania. She does so whenever she’s on a day off at her job in a clothing store called Ghanda.

She and her partner both have a strong passion for photography, and all the little things in life. This is what makes the trip a lot more special. How about you, are you travelling with a partner?

I totally know how sharing an amazing adventure with someone you adore makes every trip more fun and memorable. I have been travelling with my partner for a long time now, and every trip is truly the best trip of my life! Do you feel the same? I would love to hear your experience so feel free to leave a comment here or reach out to me on my socials!

Anyhow, whether you’re travelling with a partner, or with friends, or even just by yourself, I can assure you that you will definitely have a great time in Tassie! Maddie had helped to give us a little travel checklist to the best places to visit in Tasmania. Read along to discover and let’s try travelling like a local!


1. Evandale

Evandale is a small historic town on the north, it sits on the banks of the South Esk river, about 10-15 minutes south of Launceston. This is one of her favourite places to visit. She even described how her day looks like when she visits this town:

“We stop by a little bakery/cafe named Ingleside and sit in the beautiful courtyard filled with flowers and birds chirping. While you sit on beautiful tables or during winter, sit inside next to the fireplace for a cozy feel. If it is a Sunday, we stroll down to the famous Evandale markets.”


According to her, the Evandale markets are filled with everything you could imagine, from Middle Eastern cuisine to every plant imaginable, to pony rides, to market stools and having anything imaginable and it is the atmosphere that brings it all together. Maddie also mentioned that if you have missed the Sunday markets, look through the small boutique stores, wander around the historic houses and grab some homemade bread from Ingleside cafe and go for a picnic on the town village green. 

Photo from @maddiee.walsh


2. Coles Bay

Coles bay is on the east coast of Tasmania, it is 192 km north east of Hobart and 209 km south east of Launceston. Many people know Coles bay as being the main entrance point for visitors to the Freycinet National Park. Maddie said that in the National Park lays one of her favourite beaches called Honeymoon Bay. It is just a small beach but an absolute hidden gem. Check out the photo below for the proof of this little piece of heaven on earth.


Photo from @maddiee.walsh


3. Badger Head

Badger head is another national park and is 54 km north west of Launceston. This beach is another favourite of Maddie. She said that the best way to enjoy the place is to head up to the West head lookout overlooking Badger head, get some gorgeous photos of the view, and once done, go back down to the car park and follow the access to beach sign. This will take you on a little adventure through the forest (yay!) and through the rocks onto the beautiful beach, the sun sets over the water. When it does, it’s absolutely the most amazing time of the day especially for a picnic—which is her favourite thing to do.


Photo from @maddiee.walsh


4. Airbnbs to Stay-in

There are multiple Airbnbs that Maddie have stayed at, but her two favourites are the townhouse and loft in Devonport and the butcher’s house in the Highlands. Both Airbnb’s are different to each other, yet both are amazing place to stay and feel like a Tasmanian local. With the town house being a boutique styled place with a very luxury and Moroccan feel, the butcher’s house makes you feel like you live back in time. It is a heritage cottage built in the 1833 and has been restored. Both places are cozy and feel like home for the time you stay there. 10/10 Maddie would recommend!

Photo from @maddiee.walsh


5. Cradle Mountain

Last but not the least, Cradle mountain is a place of natural beauty in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. A trip to go on a snowing day is a must-try! According to Maddie, the best way to enjoy the trip is to layer up and bring a camera, because the views are breath taking and you will want to capture it for memory. There is also a café to enjoy a hot drink, and food and accommodation if you wish. There is not much to say about this place, because the photos do all the speaking for it. Don’t you agree?


But wait, there’s more!

Here are some travel tips so you can fully enjoy your trip to Tassie:


Renting a van/car in Tasmania:


Renting a van or car is the best way to travel Tasmania. Most tourist places and the areas Maddie had listed are classified as rural, meaning most of these places won’t have a lot of options for public transport. There are lots of inexpensive camping spots everywhere you go, so that’s never a worry! 


Tasmania is an easy place to travel on a budget, not a lot of places cost to get in as most tourist spots are nature.


BRB. Packing my bags!


Seasons to visit Tasmania:


According to Maddie, there isn’t a season that she feels anyone shouldn’t visit. Tasmania is known for its beautiful changes when transitioning from one season to another. Winter being beautiful snow, frosty mornings, fires and hot chocolate. The Autumn leaves, the perfect in-between weather. Spring and Summer is just insanely beautiful. It all depends what side of Tasmania you would like to see. If it’s beaches, definitely summer. If it’s mountains and feeling cozy, definitely winter. Take note of this lovelies!


How many days should you spend travelling Tasmania? 


To get a great taste of Tasmania and see most of the highlights all around the island, allow at least 10-14 days including road-tripping time. Allow a few days to take a break from travelling and really take in the beautiful nature. 


Parks pass tip: 

A small tip for travelling Tasmania is to purchase a parks and wildlife entry pass as the island is mostly a protected area. Purchasing 8 weeks pass for $60 is a lot more cost saving than buying a day pass each day for $16.50. What a steal!


There you have it. I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude to Maddie, who has been so generous with her knowledge about the best places to explore in her hometown, the amazing Tasmania. Make sure to follow her journey, @maddiee.walsh on Instagram!


Have we convinced you to go and visit Tasmania yet?

Quit having second thoughts and just go, have the best adventure of your life!


What travel destination in Australia should I write about next? Comment below and I’ll see what I can do!


-Much love

Alicia xx


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