2024 is our era of ✨COLOUR✨ in a modern kind of boho way...

This year, Kailani TL is embracing bringing nature into your home, and the rebrand of green & natural colours hues couldn't come at a better time...

How am I embracing nature, you ask? But of course, through the new signature prints of beautiful florals, gorgeous leafy greens, the colours of a sunset & ocean inspired blue hues lined by palms..

Through my boho inspired bedding range I hope I can inspire you to create a home that truly makes you feel happy to be present in, to spark joy & that you can get creative with a little bit of colour to express your own unique authentic style in your home.

A one woman show

Hi, I am Alicia, the founder of Kailani.

I am the print designer, order manager, logistics handler, shipping co-ordinator, social media marketing manager, email writer, website designer. You might notice a trend here, as a one woman show, I wear all the hats.

As we all know, there is something really special about supporting small businesses, and I am truly grateful for every single order I receive, every wonderful compliment on a print, and every time you recommend my brand to your friends!

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