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Kailani's Journal

  • Seashell Campaign - Collection of woven throw rugs

    'Seashell' is a collection created for the lovers of the ocean.. From sunny filled beach days picnicking ocean side, to collecting seashells along the shore as you listen to the sound of the rolling waves.. to bringing a litttle bit of the ocean into your home through your decor. You can now have a piece of your love for the ocean with you with our 'Seashell' collection..

  • Style with Brit from The feelings neutral on Instagram

    > Styled beautifully by Brit is the Enchanted Forest - Honey ginger throw Add a beautiful boho throw rug to your decor collection & choose...
  • 5 ways to style a throw on your couch

    5 ways to style your throw rug on your couch..

    Want to know the best kept interior design secret?

    Throws! They’re the easiest, quickest and fun way to refresh the look of your boring old lounge chair or even revive your entire lounge room in an instant!

     If you don’t believe me, today I am showing you how I so easily transformed my boring gray  sofa into a cozy little haven I love relaxing in every day. 

    Sharing with you below, how by simply adding a few cushions & a throw to the couch it completely transformed the look of my living room, and the best part - it’s budget friendly, and super freaking easy!


  • Behind the Scenes - Learn how Kailani's boho throw rugs are made & why I love them so much

    Do you LOVE seeing behind the scenes and the interesting process of watching artisans work their magic? 🙈Yep, me too! That is why today I am shari...
  • Shop slow, no rush, no surprises this Black friday with Kailani TL

    If you are anything like me, you love slow made fashion and lifestyle products, and you love supporting small businesses this time of year (or an...
  • Enchanted Photoshoot Campaign

    I truly believe magic lives through the essence of everyday life…  It’s your soul, your mind, you’re creative outlet, it’s how we seek to expres...
  • The difference between our new fabric throws and our old fabric throws

    With the release of our new collection coming up in August / September, I wanted to share a little run down on what the difference is between our ...
  • Can I let you all in on a little secret…?

    I'm going to share something with you all that has been kept on the down low over my socials... If you have been following me for a while, you mi...
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