Which is right for you? A baby shower or a blessingway?

Which is right for you? A baby shower or a blessingway?

Blessingway circle

Today I am going to break down the difference, and if you're new to motherhood like me you will be thinking, a whattttt? 

Recently while planning my baby shower, and also having a helping hand in my friend’s blessingway the following weekend, I have come to learn all about it and wanted to share some of my tips with you..

So if you are planning a blessingway or even a non traditional baby shower (cause trust me these can certainly be blended together to make YOUR version of a perfect day) then this post is for you!

Let’s start with the lesser widespread known celebration - A blessingway..

boho mothers blessingway

A blessingway is where you come together with the special & closest women in your life, to celebrate your journey into motherhood, to empower and support you as a mother to be… A blessingway is all about the mother, celebrating her feminine journey into motherhood through rituals, well wishes & blessings from the circle of women in her life, and sharing wisdom. 

You may be wondering but what happens in a blessing way? Don’t worry that was my first thought when I first heard about a blessing way.. I am going to share some of the rituals and things that can happen at a blessing way that I personally LOVE. 

Blessingway ideas & rituals 

  • Through a cacao ceremony you can release fears and set intentions
  • Create flower crowns, this is to make the women feel beautiful. Flowers are symbolic of nature's beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful in life than creating a life in pregnancy.
  • Decorate the pregnant belly with henna
  • Make beeswax candles that either each guest or the mother to be lights when in labor
  • Create painted rocks with messages of support for the mother to have in her birth pool or birthing space
  • Everyone brings along a bead you thread onto a necklace or charm for the mother to wear during the birth. 
  • Have the guests write little messages of encouragement the mother can read later that night or when she is feelings like she needs some support/encouragement
  • Ending with a sound healing meditation or an feminine inspiration birthing meditation 
  • All guests write down fears & burn them - this might be surrounding any fears the mother has with labor and birthing or after birth
  • Create motherhood bath salts infused with well wishes and blessings for the mother to soak in while pregnant and postpartum
Bath salt blessingway ritual
Blessingway rituals
After the rituals and blessings are done, you then join together for nibbles and food.. At my friends recently she had a beautiful high tea with amazing homemade foods. 

A baby shower…

While you can do a traditional baby shower which is more of a celebration for the baby.. What I PERSONALLY did wasn’t so much a traditional baby shower either, but more of a celebration of the life I am creating..

I had a beautifully styled space to MY liking (I am having a boy but that didn't stop me from making it how I wanted it for myself) and I surrounded myself with the special women in my life, no games, just connection, conversation (obviously all things motherhood and baby) and good food.. To me it was important to have these women come together with me to celebrate my beautiful baby boy's life, and know I have their support on this incredible journey.

(sorry guys, no real traditional baby shower games and tips from me, there's so many already out there!)

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