Are you interested in stocking Kailani The Label in your store?

I am always on the lookout for like-minded bohemian stores to stock Kailani.  While I am a one woman show here at Kailani, I always get excited to see my products sitting beautifully in someones store. Since it is just me here at Kailani, that makes my products rather exclusive as I am not able to mass produce, making it something of a little more unique. I carefully select retailers based on their location & brand style alignment.

To enquire about wholesale for your store please send us your details as per the below to wholesale@kailanithelabel.com and we will come back to you ASAP. 

↠ Business name: 

↠ Store address (please specify if you are a physical or online only store)

↠ Store owner name or point of contact person’s name

↠ Email: 

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↠ Social media links:

↠ How did you hear about Kailani The Label

↠ Any other relevant information for me to process your application

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