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Alicia's baby shower - how I designed & styled my boho backyard baby shower

Boho baby shower styling

If you didn’t know already, I am expecting my first bub very soon, and I knew when I started thinking about a baby shower I didn’t want a traditional baby shower with the games, and everything to show that I am having a little baby boy. I really wanted to take the opportunity to have a day with my family and super close friends to celebrate the journey of becoming a mother, and to celebrate the little life I am creating. I wanted to surround myself with the women in my life I love, and admire, while this might sound a little more towards a blessing way, it also wasn’t that either. 

All I had dreamed of & wanted was good food, the ladies closest to my heart and to style something beautifully that made me feel happy… And what I created was even more special than I could have imagined, from my inspiration taken from Pinterest (and a teepee I had made for a photoshoot before) I think it turned out SO MUCH BETTER, and I am going to share with you today, just how I created & styled this beautiful set up on a very small budget.

My baby shower inspo

I am just going to say, I was VERY  lucky to have my partner help me with the entire set up, he was so freaking amazing, listening to everything I wanted, doing all the heavy lifting & tree climbing for the leaves & greenery I wanted… He was even so patient with me as the baby brain took over while I tried (and failed many times) to figure out how to wrap the besser blocks in the amount of fabric I had left - yes it took me many tries & measuring & cutting wrong hahaha, lucky he ended up taking over and it worked so much better than I imagined.

Boho baby shower

First let’s look at how I created the picnic set up step by step..  

Or you can watch the complete styling video here 

Products & things I used for the picnic table set up

Steps to setting it up 

1. Lay the foundations of the picnic down, the picnic throw rugs..

Our rugs are ideal for a beautiful looking picnic set up. In this styling I used the Mystic Meadows throw in white & a new special product coming soon (giving you a sneaky sneaky peek at what I have been working to develop for a few years on & off now, and it's so close to being ready!)
Mystic Meadow throw rug  in White

2. The picnic tables..

 I had originally planned to borrow some picnic tables from a friend, but had trouble getting them, so I came up with a back up plan to use besser blocks, with timber slabs resting on top. I was very lucky my parents had some old rough slabs cut for timber stairs in their shed that had started cracking they weren't going to use - as well as some besser blocks… 

I knew it wasn't going to look very “pretty” just like that, so I decided to cover the besser blocks in white fabric & held it together in place with a hot glue gun.. I cut up a large white tablecloth from Kmart I had brought as backup in case I needed to cover the entire tables as the slabs were a bit splintery (we fixed this by my partner grinding the edges off so no more splinters & I didn’t have to cover the beautiful timber) 

3. Lay the table runners out on the slab in the centre

I chose to use 2 and layer them together, one white at the bottom & one rust over the top, as rust was my colour theme and I wanted it to “pop” against whatever tables I was using.

4. Lay your table decor pieces out on the table

You can get as creative as you like with this… I placed my 3 flower pieces spread out over the tables, because I LOVE flowers & they look amazing in everything I had to have flowers on the table & it adds great height & beauty to the table setting.. I then placed the broken pieces of travertine paver on the table, layering 3 pieces on top of each other & placed the candles at different heights with it. I also spray painted some ferns cut from our yard white to place on the table. 

5. Bring out your food

I prepared the platter food in the trays, dishes & plates I had collected from the op shop & what my mum had in her china cabinet that were made from textured glass & white china & spread them out along over the table slowly filling the areas & gaps but still ensuring there was variety along the table that everyone got a chance to get some cheese, crackers & salami… Then filled in any gaps with leftover flowers, crackers & nuts to make the table feel “full” but not overpoweringly full…

6. Place the cushions around your table

I left placing the cushions around the set up until last, so that I could easily get in and around the table without them being in the way. I did a mix of 4 x euro cushions & 6 standard cushions and I was catering for about 12 people.

How I built the teepee behind the picnic set up (I used this as the drink station)

Materials used 

  • 6 x cut down straight trees. You could use bamboo purchased from bunnings but we had a lot of straight looking trees around that were perfect for it (and free!)
  • Greenery from nature
  • Rope or we used an atlas strap as we already had that nearby
  • Kailani The Label throw for inside the teepee
  • A small camp table / table
  • White tablecloth from kmart
  • Kmart palm tumbler cups
  • Cheap flowers from coles
  • Mini pegs from kmart
  • Small timber slab for decor (I only added this as we had it cut from an old tree truck in the yard already, its dead so we couldn’t do anything with it so I popped it in)
  • Punch bowl
  • Candles for extra decor

How we built it

  1. My partner cut the 6 x straight trees down from the yard with his cane knife, but you could definitely just use bamboo from Bunnings if you don't have trees to cut down
  2. He cut them all to the same size & put them all together, then tied the atlas strap super tight (or use rope) around the top of the branches, leaving about 30CM from the edge.. 
  3. Opening the teepee up where we wanted it we then stood the branches upright with the top of rope towards the roof & slowly pulled each leg outwards to create the teepee & adjusted for it to sit nicely & evenly with an opening at the front to walk inside the teepee.
  4. I then wrapped my old man's beard hanging vines around the 2 front opening legs from the top rope
  5. I didn’t have flowers or anything else to spruce up the teepee but knew I was going to foliage for something to make it a little extra, extra.. Luckily the day before I noticed a tree down the street that had peachy looking leaves starting on all the new growth, so I got my partner to climb this tree & cut me down some branches the morning of the baby shower (as close as possible to the event so they don't die beforehand)
  6. I trimmed off most of the green from the branches, so it was more peachy in colour & until I was happy with the contrast. 
  7. I placed the branches around the top of the teepee from the rope & let it hang naturally down along the legs, making sure it was covering the rope & until I was happy with how it looked. 
  8. I tied some extra little pieces of the branches with twine further down the front legs to make it look a little more full in design.
  9. Then to make the inside of the teepee look beautiful for the picnic, I layered the Mystic Meadows in purple throw rug down as the base.
    Mystic Meadows throw rug in Purple
  10. I put a camp table in the centre, with a white tablecloth over it
  11. To make the table decor look even more special, I pegged a little bunch of small cheap flowers from Coles, to each cup with the Kmart mini pegs
  12. My mum made the punch for me, and we placed the glass punch bowl on the table on top of the slab of wood from my garden & 2 candles on the tableAnd that’s it..
While breaking it down step by step it might seem like a lot, but it really wasn’t too hard to do, and it didn’t actually cost me too much as I used materials I could get around the yard, from family & op shops to pull it all together. 

If you haven’t already, I do recommend watching the time lapse video I created of the set up, it gives you a great visual of how it all comes together..


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