Our Story

Welcome to Kailani The Label

My name is Alicia & I'm the founder and creator behind Kailani The Label, a boho-inspired lifestyle and home decor brand that specialises in creating unique and stylish products for the free-spirited individual like you.
My collection includes a wide range of boho picnic rugs, interior throws, and other home decor & lifestyle items that are designed to bring a touch of bohemian style to your life, whether it's indoor or outdoor.

My story starts with a passion for leatherwork and hand-making bags, wallets, and boho accessories. But, when I decided to travel around Australia, it became clear that creating leatherwork on the road wasn't really do-able. I've always had a passion for entrepreneurship and the freedom it allows. I knew I needed to come up with a new way to make money without falling back into the traditional 9-5 routine and to keep my dream of traveling freely alive. That's when I discovered my love for designing and selling throw rugs, it allowed me to turn my passion for creativity and individuality into a career. Let's be real, every girl who loves camping, nature, fashion and creativity needs a throw rug, right?

I'm self-taught in everything I do, from leatherworking and designing, to running a business. I've adapted and learned everything I possibly could about everything I have wanted to do with Kailani, to turn my passion into a career. And, I want to inspire others that it's possible for you to achieve your goals and dreams with hard work, determination, and willingness to learn.

Join me on a journey of self expression through the bold prints, vibrant colours, and bohemian-inspired style of Kailani The Label. From the comfort of your home to the great outdoors, our unique collection of picnic rugs, interior throws, and other home decor items will elevate any space and inspire a free-spirited lifestyle.


Much love

Alicia xx