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Our Story

Welcome to Kailani The Label

My name is Alicia & I am the creative designer behind Kailani The Label.

I created Kailani back in 2017, but this isn't my first business. I created a former brand importing & selling homewares & textiles, but found my "cup" was never full. I grew the business fairly fast, but something never quite felt right. I knew I loved being an entrepreneur, everything from running a business and creating something from nothing, to having the freedom that comes with working for yourself. 

After selling up my previous business I knew I was only going back to work in my retail job until I found what I wanted to do next. I had been interested in leather for quite a while and got a nudge from an old friend to jump into the creative world of leather. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video, learning everything I needed to create the brand you see today - Kailani. 

My work is inspired by all the things I love - a whole lot of feminine boho, everything earthy, a little bit of flowers & nature, and a touch of mystical magic - oh and crystals who could forget the CRYSTALS? If you ask me - I couldn't have picked a better job than getting to work magic with my hands & play with the beauty of crystals all day, mixing and matching with all the colours of natural tones of leather. 

My true love of creating something new, shines through in everything I do, which is why I couldn't limit myself to just being a leather artist. Over the years I have felt inspired to let my creativity flow and lead me down whatever path it takes me. Which is where my love for textiles comes in. Previously working with textiles I never got to actually create for myself - but I designed Kailani to embody my creativity. Designing and bringing my ideas to life to give you beautiful pops of colours mixed with earthy tones, gorgeous florals, mystical elements, and aztecs patterns, that not only I can enjoy for myself but I can share with the world too. 

I have also recently found myself drawn into the world of jewellery. I have always LOVED jewellery, especially with stunning crystals.  Really I think jewellery and leather go hand in hand. Can you really have one without the other? I know I sure couldn't! 

With every piece I design and create I put my heart and soul into, and nothing makes me happier than making someone's life just a little bit brighter with something I have created.

I hope you can following along on the wild journey of Kailani The Label with me.
Much love
Alicia x 
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