5 ways to style a throw on your couch

5 ways to style a throw on your couch

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5 ways to style a throw on your couch

Want to know the best kept interior design secret? Throws! They’re the easiest, quickest and fun way to refresh the look of your boring old lounge chair or even revive your entire lounge room in an instant! If you don’t believe me, today I am showing you how I so easily transformed my boring grey sofa into a cozy little haven I love relaxing in every day.

Sharing with you below, how by simply adding a few cushions & a throw to the couch it completely transformed the look of my living room, and the best part - it’s budget friendly, and super freaking easy!

Throws are my favourite way of adding colour & texture to the style of a room and I love to have a collection of different prints & patterns so I can swap and change so very easily (can you see my stacks of throws on the bookcase wall behind? I even use the stacked throws I’m not using, as styling decor too!)

Want to know what really tops the cake for why I LOVE styling with the versatile throw rugs so much? Well, you can also change the look of the room by simply styling the throw in different ways!

Here are 5 easy ways to style 1 throw on your couch, so you can get the most out of your throw rugs!

1. Loosely thrown over of the couch

This is my favourite way of styling my throw in my living room.. The messy throw over is so simple to do, just grab one corner of the throw and toss it over towards the back of the sofa in a slightly off centred position… Spread out any parts that didn’t “toss” nicely, still keeping the natural “messy” feel to it.

2. Folded over the top of sofa

Not a fan of the messy throw and want to keep things just a little more neat and tidy? Well this one's for you! Simply fold your throw, making sure your folds are nice & even, and hang it over the back top of the sofa..

3. Over the back of the sofa

This works really well if you have a sofa that is in the middle of a room, with the back facing outwards to the room.. Giving the sofa a bit more life from staring at the back of a boring couch..

4. Fold it over the side of the chair

Create a modern aesthetic look with a folded throw over the sofa arm. This one has to be my second favourite go-to way to style a throw 😍

5. Loosely thrown over the end of a chaise

If you have a chase, sometimes it can be a little odd trying to figure out how to make a chase look visually appealing in a space.. Well a throw can fix that 🙌



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