Behind the Scenes - Learn how Kailani's boho throw rugs are made & why I love them so much

Behind the Scenes - Learn how Kailani's boho throw rugs are made & why I love them so much

Do you LOVE seeing behind the scenes and the interesting process of watching artisans work their magic? 🙈

Yep, me too! That is why today I am sharing with you some behind the scenes footage of how our throws are made by our special makers in India... The process goes a little something like this..

🌸 I finish hand drawing & designing the original patterns, this can take weeks or months depending on the intricate details in a design.. I then send the designs over to my manufacturing team in India to be sampled & finally manufactured

🌼 They then get hard to work weaving the fabric by hand on a special hand loom machine, just as you see in this video

🌿 It then goes over to our digital printer to have the beautiful pattern printed onto the beautifully soft cotton fabric & pre-washed ready for use

🍂 Meanwhile, another team of artisans are hand dying cotton yarn to make matching tassels for our throws - see the special process from dyeing to drying

✨ The tassels are then hand cut, and knotted perfectly into the lush corner tassels you see on our throw rugs

💫 They are then sewn onto the throw and hemmed individually

💕 This process takes many, many weeks, allowing for processing, drying time and having to work with the elements of the weather, and most importantly, the beautiful hand touch from each individual artisan on the many steps to get a final product ready, especially just for you 💕

Since our throws are so intricately made, and require these hand crafted skills all throughout production, we only produce our throws in small batches, meaning you are truly getting something special when you purchase a throw from Kailani 🧡
Want to know more about our throws & how you can use them in your home or next adventure? 
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Alicia xx
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