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Enchanted Photoshoot Campaign

Introducing the Enchanted collection - new woven throws

I truly believe magic lives through the essence of everyday life… 
It’s your soul, your mind, you’re creative outlet, it’s how we seek to express ourselves in the world… This true essence radiates from the world around us, allowing us to grow within, as we each age with the earth.. It feels fearless, and free, but most of all it is full of magic, mystery and enchantment.
The ‘Enchanted’ woven throw collection embodies the essence of magic in everyday life, through the prints of wild blooms, inspired by a place that exists only in my mind.. An enchanted forest surrounded by an array of wild flowers growing, mixing the colours of a sunset from the sky above the tall forest trees, to the ground blanketed by little blooms..  
I dreamt of bringing a little bit of bohemian magic to your everyday life, to help you express your soul’s identity though prints, and colours, and beautiful patterns; A beautiful throw that you can treasure and cherish while you style and use our throws to create memories to last a lifetime with most loved ones. 
The campaign photoshoot takes you on a journey from a morning spent in a dreamy bed amoung the wildflowers though to a day frolicking by the waters surrounding in the magical castle ruins of Paronella Park.. 
Photography : Alicia Smith
Dress : Coven & Co
Location: Paronella Park

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