Shop slow, no rush, no surprises this Black friday with Kailani TL

Shop slow, no rush, no surprises this Black friday with Kailani TL

If you are anything like me, you love slow made fashion and lifestyle products, and you love supporting small businesses this time of year (or any time of year actually!) You may have noticed I don’t run sales very often here at Kailani, with all the throws moving over to all being woven by hand, making them a slow made bohemian lifestyle product, I like to keep to this theme and promote smart shopping. I want your throw to be an investment piece that you can cherish for years to come. 

So in the spirit of slow made fashion we are doing Black Friday, Cyber Monday slow this year. 

Which means, no surprises, no quick thinking or rush to be apart of our BFCM sales this year.. I'm dishing out ALL of the details early, so you can prepare for Christmas a little earlier this year. We all know that it’s a little more necessary this year than any other previous years due to even earlier shipping cut offs… 

What discount are we offering?

I am offering 15% off storewide, with free express shipping! 

When is your BFCM sale?

Wed 24th 
I am giving early access to my email babes on Wednesday 24th at 6pm (AEST)
Fri 26h - Mon 30th
Friday it goes live to everyone until Monday! 

Why should we sign up for early access? 

I am encouraging everyone to sign up to get early access as some older styles are discontinued, so once they are gone they won’t be restocked! And our new Enchanted range has limited quantities available in some styles. I do have a small restock on its way to Kailani, although I can't guarantee it will be a restock before or during the BFCM sale period. 

How do we get access?

You can sign up for early access here >
For anyone who doesn’t want early access - keep an eye on our socials for the discount code to shop on our website. Don’t worry if you miss it on our socials, I will have the discount code displayed on the website homepage as well!


I have discontinued the entire yarn woven range to make room for new designs in our new hand loom woven fabric  - which means the Zahara and Wildflower range is discontinued and will not be restocked. SEE BELOW

Not sure which throw to purchase? 

We have curated the perfect gift guide for all the bohemians at heart, use this to help pick the perfect gift this Christmas (or to spoil yourself, I know you deserve a little bit of colour & joy in your life too)

With all this being said, as the above mentioned styles are discontinued with VERY limited numbers left, and our new range having limited quantities currently available, I can’t guarantee all styles will be available by the BFCM sale, or by Christmas, so I do recommend shopping for your fav throws now to avoid any disappointment in missing out on your desired throw. 
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