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The difference between our new fabric throws and our old fabric throws

With the release of our new collection coming up in August / September, I wanted to share a little run down on what the difference is between our current range of throws and our NEW collection. 
New Enchanted Throw Rug Collection
The Why
First before I jump into the main points of difference id love to tell you WHY I decided to find a new manufacturer and change the throws for a new material. 
1. First of all, I am seeing these types of throws coming up in stores EVERYWHERE. While that might not be a bad thing to most, I love to have a more unique feel of products at Kailani. With the market being quite popular for our old woven throws I wanted to spice things up a little and set myself apart from the rest… and offer you something totally new to market!

2. The 2nd main reason is because these woven type of throws are made in China. I try my best to avoid having anything manufactured in China,  BUT they are the only manufacturers with that type of jacquard machine to make them. I was incredibly happy to find a throw that I love for many many reasons that are made ethnically in India.

3. The 3rd main reason, is with the current throws, I didn’t have any control over the outcome of colours because of how it is made, the NEW throw collection I get 100% control over colours which means my designs actually turn out how I have designed them, making them super clear and crisp patterns, and beautiful Pantone matching colours. 
Now you know why I was excited and determined to search for a new type of throw for you all,  I’ll list the highlighted differences between the 2 fabrics. 
Key difference highlights
Current Jaquard woven throws
  • Woven individual yarn - this means that block coloured yarns like red, black and yellow ect are woven together strategically to make the overall pattern. This is noticeable in the design when seen up close.
  • Multicoloured tassels - because of the yarn woven style the tassels come out multicoloured. I do have the option of having these cut off and a block colour sewn on instead but I was very very limited with the colour option I could actually get made (not a very accommodating manufacturer unfortunately)
  • Material feels quick thick - this could be a good or bad thing depending if you like thick or thinner throws.
  • Fabric is a cotton / poly blend
  • Woven on a jacquard machine
  • Comes in 2 sizes 130cm x 180cm (small) and 160cm x 200cm (large)
NEW throws coming soon
  • Handloom woven base fabric - this fabric has been made on a loom by hand
  • The designs have been digital printed onto the handloom fabric, making them clear and crisp prints with a lot more intricate detailing in the designs coming out onto the throw
  • Tassels are sewn on in final production on each corner, I can colour match these tassels to a certain colour in the throw (YAY)
  • Because the throws are digital printed, I have 100% colour control over the throw, meaning I can colour match to the 1000’s of Pantone colours, letting me design what I think is pretty coloured throws (this was the biggest yay factor for me!)
  • The fabric is much much softer, it has a beautiful feel to it, using it as throw over you, to me it feels much nicer & softer against your skin. 
  • Made in INDIA
  • Fabric is 100% cotton (an even bigger plus
  • Comes in one size at the moment 140cm x 180cm
  We are super happy with the choice to change our throw fabrics and we hope you love this too!
Now while these new throws may cost a little more in production, (which I am going to show you why in a following blog post the difference in difficultly of production between the old and new throws) I am still so confident you will absolutely fall in love with our new throws and choice for swapping fabrics over, just as I have (when I say I have fallen in love with our samples, I’m not lying, it hasn’t left my side since it arrived, from my bed, to a throw over in the car when we are travelling, to laying on the grass by the creek for the day, to snuggling up to it just about every chance I get) 
If you have any comments or questions about our new upcoming collection or the fabric’s please drop a comment below! xx 
Love Alicia x

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